A vented dryer, also known as a traditional dryer, uses a vent to the outside to expel the hot, damp air generated during the drying process. This type of dryer typically requires the most amount of space and can be less energy efficient.

A condenser dryer uses a condenser to convert the hot, damp air into water, which is then collected in a reservoir or drained away. This type of dryer does not require a vent to the outside, making it a good option for homes or apartments without access to an exterior vent. However, it may be less energy efficient than other types of dryers.

A heat pump dryer uses a heat pump to recycle the hot, damp air, instead of venting it outside. This allows the dryer to use less energy than a traditional vented dryer, but more energy than a condenser dryer. It is considered a more energy efficient option.

All 3 type of dryers use different mechanism to dry clothes but function is same. It all depends on the individual's preference, availability of space and the energy efficiency they are looking for.