If your refrigerator is not dispensing water, please follow these easy troubleshooting steps:

Air may be trapped: 

There may be air trapped in the water line, please hold/press the dispenser down for two minutes to remove trapped air & to fill the water system.

Water supply:

If the flow rate in your household is slow or not running, you may need to contact your water supplier/plumber.

- If your water has recently been off, there may be air blocking the water line.

Kinked Hose

Check the water line for any kinks or possible nicks/leaks.  Unkink the line, and if any nicks/leaks are found please alert our customer service team to schedule a technician for repair (note this call out may be on charged).

Dispenser lock on

Press the water dispenser lock button for four seconds until the light is off.

Frozen Water Tank or Line
Adjust the temperature o a slightly warmer temp by using the control panel - this may defrost the line.
Alternatively, you may need to turn the unit off for 24 hours to manually defrost the water line. 

If you continue to experience the error code, please do let us know and we will contact our technicians for further troubleshooting.

Please note: Warranties do not cover maintenance, installation or user errors as per our Warranty T's & C's, fee's will be on-charged.