If you are having issues with the drum of your dryer not spinning there are a couple reasons this could be happening, to help us understand what may be causing this can you please check the below:

Can you spin the drum of the dryer manually by hand?

  • If yes, can you please try and turn the dryer on and let us know if there is any sounds (humming, buzzing etc).

  • If no, it is likely that an item of clothing has become lodged in the fan/motor, this can be due to the machine being overloaded or a small item of clothing such as a bra not being placed in a bra bag, meaning that it can get sucked into the fan.  A technician will need to open the machine up to remove this/to investigate the cause.  If there is found to be clothes stuck in the fan, please note the technicians fees may need to be on-charged as this is not a machine fault inherently.  However, we do assess these on a case by case basis.

Once you have checked this please connect with us on chat and an agent will be able to assist with the next steps :) Make sure you have your sales order number to hand!