If you are noticing condensation in your fridge, this can be caused from the below:

1. The door is being opened frequently, this lets in the hot air (more so in summer), and creates condensation/drips of water on the surfaces.

2.  Hot/warm food is being put inside the fridge, the steam will create condensation. Please only place cool food within the fridge.

3. The seal is not fitted tightly, which can allow warm air to enter the fridge and create condensation. Please complete a torch test prior to contacting our service team:  

  • Place a torch inside the fridge or freezer at night. and observe for any light that is visible when the door is closed. 
  • If light is visible when the door is closed, please take a photo and submit this to us so we can send a replacement seal. They're super easy to remove and fit - they simply pull out and a new one pops back in.