Interior of Oven: Many foods contain a large amount of moisture, when this is heated it transfers the moisture content into steam. This is very normal, however, if you would like to prevent this, try using the fan bake setting or cook in an oven-safe bag/cover tray with aluminum foil.

Exterior of Oven: 

Condensation can build on your oven due to the exterior temperature or in humid seasons. This is very normal and we recommend wiping the droplets off the control panel etc. Ensure that your kitchen cabinetry is moisture resistant.

Walls, Surfaces, or Rangehood: 

Induction cooking ensures heat is isolated to the pan you are cooking with, this means that the surrounding surfaces are often much cooler and can create additional steam & condensation. 

We suggest:

- Turning your rangehood on prior to cooking to draw the steam out

- Using pot lids to contain steam/condensation