Oven glass does NOT just "shatter" or "explode".

The glass has been compromised by some form of impact.

(We sell replacement doors at a very minimal cost - likely around $100.00) 

Oven glass doors are put through a very thorough manufacturing process, the glass is subjected to extreme heat (over 600°C)  & pressure, after which it is made to cool off rapidly, creating a very strong/stable tempered glass.

If your oven glass door has shattered, it has likely been compromised by one of the below:

  • Abrasive CleaningIf a scour has been abrasively used, it can create tiny scratches in the glass, or if the handles have been removed and screws overtightened.
  • Physical Impact - Whilst it is tempting to rest trays/dishes on the glass door, plonking these down can cause the glass additional stress, as well as slamming the door/kicking the door closed and hitting the metal racks. 
  • Mechanical StrainInstallers often use the door to assist in lifting the unit into place, this will compromise the glass.

These situations may cause a weak spot on the oven glass surface and this can lead to the glass "shattering" or "exploding". 

Please contact our team who will assist in arranging a replacement at a minimal cost.