We're sorry to hear that your gas water heater isn't igniting- here are some steps you can take to possibly resolve the problem and avoid unnecessary fees:

1. Gas Supply: Make sure you have enough gas in your bottle. If it's empty or nearly empty, the heater won't work.

2. Power: Check if the heater is connected and has power? If a power outage has occurred recently, please ensure all circuits are back on.

3. Controller: If your heater has a controller, make sure it's turned on and set correctly. Some heaters need the controller to be working. 

4. Installer COC: Please provide a copy of your COC (code of compliance), we require this prior to sending a technician.

If the above are all working, then we also find the below to be a common cause:

Regulator: When a regulator is malfunctioning or causing issues, it can disrupt the proper flow of gas to the appliance, leading to problems like the water heater not igniting or operating correctly. - a gas fitter is required to fit a new regulator. (please note, this is an external component and is not included in the warranty)
Gas Pipe Blockage: Look at the pipes that bring gas to the heater. Check for leaks, bends, or clogs. 

Plumbed Correctly: If this is a new Install, please double-check the pipes to see if they're connected the right way. From time to time, we find the supply has been connected to the wrong pipe.

 If the problem continues after checking these, we can assist with arranging a technician to inspect/repair. Please note, if not a manufacturing fault of the unit, we will oncharge the technician fee's.


Thank you for your cooperation in troubleshooting the issue with your gas water heater. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.