If you are having issues with your newly installed dishwasher not draining, overfilling or leaking and you have a new kitchen this is very often a result of improper installation.

What we often see is plumbers installing drainage pipes for new dishwashers which are capped or sealed at the end to keep cabinetry safe prior to installation.  When installing the dishwasher the end of these pipes are sometimes left sealed with the dishwasher attached to the end of it, meaning that the dishwasher is unable to drain at all.  This will cause the dishwasher to appear to have multiple errors such as draining issues, overflowing and leaking.

If you experience any of these issues please either check this drain pipe yourself or have your plumber check it to ensure that it has been unblocked.  If you still have any other queries please feel free to chat with us where an agent will be able to assist you further.