If your heat pump is spitting out ice from the indoor unit, this is generally a result of improper cleaning or environmental factors in your home.

Filters on heat pumps need to be cleaned every 2 weeks, if they aren’t ice can build up in the heat pump and will be pushed out when turned on.  Additionally, ice can also build when units are left on when windows/doors are opened for prolonged periods of time whilst in use.

Please see the below on how to clean out a filter:

1. Lift the front panel of the indoor unit. 

2. Grip the tab on the end of the filter, lift it up, then pull it towards yourself. 

3. Now pull the filter out. 

4. If your filter has a small air freshening filter, unclip it from the larger filter. Clean this air freshening filter with a hand-held vacuum. 

5. Clean the large air filter with warm, soapy water. Be sure to use a mild detergent. Care and Maintenance 

6. Rinse the filter with fresh water, then shake off excess water. 

7. Dry it in a cool, dry place, and refrain from exposing it to direct sunlight. 

8. When dry, re-clip the air freshening filter to the larger filter, then slide it back into the indoor unit. 

9. Close the front panel of the indoor unit.