If your heat pump is not heating as expected, please ensure the following have all been checked before making a warranty claim to avoid the chance of having a callout charged if there were to be a user error.

Possible Causes
Recommended Solutions
There is cold air entering through doors and windowsEnsure that all windows and doors are closed during use and there are no drafts of cold air coming in
The outdoor temperature is extremely lowEnable the auxiliary device (if installed)
Low refrigerant as a result of a slow leak (installation error) or long-term use
Have your heat pump serviced by a licensed professional and have the unit and piping checked for leaks and if needed top up refrigerant

If error codes appear on the indoor unit

The unit may stop operation or continue to run safely. If the indicator lamps continue to flash or error codes appear, wait for 10 minutes. The problem may resolve itself. If not, disconnect the power, then connect it again and power the unit back on.

If the problem persists, disconnect the power and contact our customer service team/submit a warranty claim.