If your Vacuum is turning off after a few seconds, this can indicate the filters have not been cleaned adequately. 

Please check the below steps:

  1. Remove the clip on the head of the vacuum so that the brush can be cleaned/cleared of all fibres etc.
  2. The areas in the foot as highlighted have been cleared of all dust/fibres etc.  These have sensors in them and if they are not completely clear/clean then the vacuum senses it is full and will not function.
  3. The inlet to the dust container is clear/clean.  Again if not clear/clean the vacuum will sense it is full and does not function
  4. Check that the charger is inserted correctly, and the lights are coming on to indicate charging

        5. Check and clean the removable filter by running water (no detergents) and allowing this to dry overnight.

If issues persist, please complete a Contact Us form and we will be in touch to assist.