If your tap is dripping from the mixer or the aerator it is highly likely that there is foreign matter stuck in the cartridge or blocking it from sealing properly, you can check this yourself by following the below instructions.
- Please note: To optimise and protect the ceramic cartridge, an in-line filter must be fitted to prevent damage from foreign particles/grit.

This is easily repaired by either adjusting your current cartridge (remove/check O-rings are perfectly intact - no tears or nicks and pop back in) or a replacement cartridge which is very easy to install.

1. Turn your water mains off

2.First, ensure take off the mixer handle by removing the small screw inside the red box

3. Using an adjustable wrench remove the part holding the cartridge in place

4. The cartridge can then be carefully pulled out of the tap

5. Ensure there is no foreign matter obstructing the cartridge from sealing properly (having an inline filter installed directly on the tap line will ensure nothing gets through)

6. Also check the cartridge for any seal issues or foreign matter stuck in there

Once all checks are done, the tap can be put back together in the reverse order it was taken apart. 
If there are still any leaking issues please let our customer care team know and assist with the replacement or purchase of a replacement cartridge.

Replacement Cartridge - Click Here
Our Cartridges are covered with a 10 year warranty of an inline filter has been installed.