If you have a top loader washing machine, model 360160, 360170, 360185, 360195, the error codes below may be displayed which indicates a fault, possible causes & solutions.

Error Code /


Unit Action


Possible Causes

What to do





















There is no water or water flow is minimal


Water connection not open


Check if the tap is open


Water pressure is low or water flow is minimal

Check if the water pressure is low in other taps and compare it with everyday normal pressure

Water inlet valve is blocked

Open the water connection


Loose power connection

Reconnect the power cord and check if the washing machine

returns to normal

Water inlet valve damaged or does not work

Replace the inlet valve     and check whether the function is OK




There is excess flow of water

Water level sensor pressure pipe is loose, or there is still water in the


Check the water level sensor pressure pipe if its loose or there is


Water level sensor failure

Replace the water level sensor and

check whether its okay

















Water in the tub doesn’t drain properly


Drain pipe is hung too high

Install the drain pipe at the correct position


Drain valve is blocked

Open the drain valve and check for any debris. Be careful when opening the valve as water may

spill out

Drain valve is not fully open

Ensure the retractor is fitted on





Drain pipe is blocked

Check whether the drain pipe is blocked by blowing air in it, and ensure there are no bending


Drain pump filter is blocked

Remove the drain pump filter and check for any debris. Clean the

drain pump regularly









Alarm for LID open. If the machine is in 'Spin' or 'Delay' program, safety switch may not be closed and may cause an alarm to sound





Cover/lid is open





Check whether the lid is closed properly

Safety switch contact not achieved

Close the lid properly so the safety

switch can be activated

Loose power connection

Reconnect the power cord







Alarm for unbalance

Washing machine legs are not


Check if the washing machine is

stable on a flat surface

Clothes are unbalanced

Place the clothes evenly in the


Suspension failure

machine is balanced,but it still

shaking seriously