If your Dishwasher is displaying the "E5 Error Code", this can indicate that there is excess water in the base of the unit, which has triggered the flood sensor. This is generally a very easy fix by following these simple troubleshooting steps below:  

 - Remove the Dishwasher out of the cavity
 - Tilt the dishwasher backwards on an angle (with towels to soak moisture in place)
 - Leave for few minutes to drain any excess moisture/water from the unit
 - Place back into the cavity and leave off over night
-  Turn the unit back on and run through a test cycle.

The flood sensor is typically activated when water has travelled down the 2 small overflow hoses that run into the base of the dishwasher, this can be caused by:
1. The spray arm has been compromised by utensils etc and can't spin.
2. Too much detergent has been used

If you continue to experience the error code, please do let us know and we will contact our technicians for further troubleshooting.

Please note: Warranties do not cover maintenance, installation or user errors as per our Warranty T's & C's, fee's will be on-charged.